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Art object "Light and music box"
Unique - an unforgettable experience

The object is in a showcase and runs for days. Only when you remove the protective cap, the whole magic is visible and audible. Hundreds of mini lamps create a surreal overall impression. A rotating speaker with Leslie effect plays all stored music. Gearwheels turn and transport surprise from one inner belly to the other. A light bulb even ignites a cigar. A powerful blower gives the i200x250-object-in-glasmpression of a steam engine.

Technical specifications
Size: 20 x 30 cm
Production time: > 2 years
Working hours: > 1700
Material: brass, copper, gold,
Battery: 12 V, 7 Ah
Duration: 4-8 weeks
to light a cigar - ignites up to 40 cigars
Music changeable via mini SD chip

This artwork can be seen

Dates via email: theater@meci.ch


Parallel to the Art Basel, one of the most extraordinary works of art, a mini-music box, which from its innermost cigar one after the other reaches the viewer, is shown to the public in Basel for the first time.
This unique piece was built by hand by the artist Daniel W.Kühn in more than 2 years. It is a mini music box with a variety of individual components, lights (LEDs), music through a rotating speaker (Leslie effect) and a hundred other highlights. Watching it makes infinite joy and the desire for more. This music box belongs in the boardroom of a multinational corporation or in the hands of a connoisseur who appreciates such a unique work of art.

A small circle gives us the opportunity to take a look at this work of art. We would be very happy if you sign up for a personal experience with this artwork. Please understand that we will show this art object only in a small circle - in the period from June 13 to June 16, 2019 from 19 clock in the Krafft Hotel or another, yet to be named destination ,
Our contact details (email): kunst@x.card.ch - www.x-card.ch



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